Thursday, 25 December 2008



I am sure you have all heard those corny "waiter there's a fly in my soup" jokes. No? Well, here's a few and I must warn you, they are quite lame. Here goes:

"Waiter, waiter, there is a fly in my soup?"
"Don't worry sir, that spider on your bread will soon get him!"


"Waiter, there is a fly in my soup!"
"Yes sir, he's committed insecticide!"


"Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!"
"Its OK sir, there's no extra charge!"

Well, have you heard this joke, "Doctor, there's a fly in my ear". No? Well I don't blame you... cos it's not a joke!

Of all the things to happen on Christmas day, my son had a fly commit 'harakiri' in his ear. The poor boy! He complained that he thought a fly had gone into his ear but we gathered that the fly had just buzzed past him. However, to be on the safe side, we did check his ear but we could not 'see' anything in it. But an hour or so later, my poor son starting crying in pain and I knew something was wrong. Thank god for the emergency clinic and true enough, there was a fly in his ear and it was still ALIVE! By the time we got to see the doctor, the fly would have been in his ear for over 3 hours! The poor munchkin. No wonder he kept crying and saying that something was pricking him like a needle in his ear!

Well, so much for a quiet christmas at the G household! Regardless, I am thankful that the emergency was easily solved and not life threatening. The doctor did however say if the fly was in for much longer, it could have caused some harm in his ear.

Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all you unsung heroes, who in the course of duty, sacrifice your time with your own families to help others. So, to all of you in the medical, law enforcement, public safety and defence forces, my gratitute.

Mind you, looking back now, it is quite amusing. Who would have thought that a fly could lodge in one's ear? Apparently, they do!!!!


Shafidah Shamen said...


have a nice christmas..wish you and the whole family showered with funs & joys :)

VG said...

Thank you Fidah. The same to you, your hubby and all your family.

Anonymous said...

Oh your poor son! What a drama! Is he okay now?


VG said...

Yes Grace, indeed it was a drama. All is good now. Thanks for asking.

Pushpa said...

Merry Christmas (sorry belated). Went for a Christmas Eve BBQ and put up a night in Rawang. Hope you had a wonderfull day yesterday.

VG said...

Thank you Pushpa. Christmas was good...a quiet affair and a chance to wind down. Hope you had a good christmas (and eve party) yourself.