Saturday, 3 January 2009


During summer, this is one of the drinks that I enjoy sipping whilst lounging under the beautiful tree in my backyard, with a good book in my hand. I have to admit, I haven’t had much of a chance to do this as I have been quite busy and the weather has been quite rotten. But yesterday, I made myself take some time off and enjoyed this refreshing drink, which is so easy to make and so very palatable, even for those who don’t really like to drink alcohol.

Most people tend to drink this with lemonade, which I usually do as well, but I actually like it better with lemon squash. So, the next time you feel like a sweet change, why not give MIDORI MELON™ a try. You can go to the MIDORI™ website to get more cocktail recipes for you to experiment. Just click on the link HERE.

30ml (1oz) MIDORI MELON™
Lemon Squash
Plenty of ice
Garnish such as lemon or kiwi fruit slices

In a long Collins glass, pour the MIDORI MELON™ over ice and top with the lemon squash. Garnish as desired.

FYI: If you prefer lemonade, just replace the squash with lemonade and follow the above method.

Warning: This drink is so smooth that you will forget you are actually drinking alcohol until its too late. Hic!!!

PS: My friend Zue in the USA asked if there is a virgin version to this drink. Any non alcoholic winter melon cordial should work as a subsitute for the MIDORI MELON™, however I cannot attest to the taste as I have not tried any of the non alcoholic melon cordials. Fee Brothers in New York USA, sell a range of non alcoholic cordials, including the melon cordial. Click on the links for Fee Brothers, Products and Recipes.


Zue Murphy said...

Does this drink come in virgin version?

VG said...

Happy New Year Zue. I have not been looking so I can't tell for sure. I would say that if you can find a melon cordial, it could work as a substitute.

VG said...

Hi again Zue.

I found on the net a non alcoholic melon cordial. It is manufactured by Fee Brothers in the US (based in NY). Here's the links to their website and some recipes for non alcoholic drinks. I'll put the info in my blog shortly too.

Fee Brothers, Products and Recipes

Hope this helps.

Zue Murphy said...

Vg, thanks for the info.