Friday, 26 March 2010


Thank you to everyone who have visited my blog, written to me and some of you have also become my good friends. Due to personal reasons, I will no longer update my blog but I am most happy to hear from you or answer any questions you may have, via my e-mail address:

Take care and god bless.

Love, VG


Ummi said...

Hello Vin Dearest...
Oh My!!! It is sad to hear this from you..huhuuu..always waiting and I deeply believed that you'll come back again after a long time...How I'm gonna miss you soooo much!!!! Anyway, I do respect your decision and my best wishes for you and family...May your dreams come true and have a great days ahead Vin dearest!!

Do remember me always and keep in touch!!

With love and best regards
- Ummi ^__^

Quinn said...


No idea why you're not blogging anymore but it must be for a good reason. We'll miss you really, another aussie based blogger gone. Sigh...

Jun said...

hi wonder u've been missing..stop blogging? m gonna miss u lah! hope everything is ok there...thank u so much for what u have shared wif us here..dont close this blog yet eh...hehe.
nway...have a good day, njoy ur self n take care!


ICook4Fun said...

I am going to miss your posting my dear. I came often just to see if you post anything up. You take care and I will be sending you an email soon.

Usha said...

Hope everything is fine at your end, take care ! You will be missed..

VG said...

Thank you all for your comments and e-mails and most of all your support. Apologies for the late response. You never know, I may start food blogging again. Love ya all and happy cooking!


LC David said...

Good its Fantastic.

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