Sunday, 2 August 2009


Since starting my blog, I have received numerous e-mails on the china/porcelain that I have been using in my posts. So I thought I’d share some of my fine china collection on my blog. Mind you, it’s not a very extensive collection, but nevertheless, it’s a start and it’s mine!!!

I really do wish I had the space (most of my stuff are stacked in cupboards), endless amount of money (oh, to win the lottery), a maid (to dust my cupboards) and time to devout to my hobby. Yes, it is a time consuming passion, for to find quality, beautiful and rare objects, one has to frequent auction sites, antique shops, score though the classifieds and attend garage and deceased estate sales to find those rare and elusive items. But, when you come home with that wonderful find, it is all worth the effort.

So, to kick off this new category on my blog, I thought I’d start with a brief history of ceramics. Hope you enjoy it. I’ll then gradually post my collection on my site. Cheerio!

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