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BARSAAT (Rain, Rainy Season or Monsoon) is a 1949 classic black and white Bollywood blockbuster film directed by Raj Kapoor. The film stars the famous duo of the time, Raj Kapoor and Nargis and also starred actor Prem Nath. Barsaat saw the debut of actress Nimmi, whom Raj Kapoor discovered whilst Nimmi was an onlooker/guest during a movie shooting.

The success of Barsaat ensured that the studio (RK Films) Raj Kapoor established in 1948 with the movie Aag (whilst he was only 24), continued to be a success and a going concern.

The movie BARSAAT revolves around two love stories - Pran (Raj Kapoor) and Reshma (Nargis) and Gopal (Prem Nath) and Neela (Nimmi). Two friends with opposite personalities, the rich but sensitive Pran and the womanizing Gopal both get involved with two local girls while holidaying in Kashmir. Whilst Pran and Reshma's love is true and reciprocated, Gopal is a cad, who disregards the faithful Neela (Nimmi) and tricks her to wait faithfully for his return with the next BARSAAT (rainy season). Many trials and tribulations are faced by the lovers. Will the lovers come out unscathed by the BARSAAT? Watch BARSAAT to find out.

Not only was the movie a super hit on its release, so was its music; and still is to this day! The film was the debut for duo music directors, Shankar Jaikishan and established their careers. The famous playback singer Lata Mangeshkar sang for both Nargis and Nimmi in Barsaat and further entrenched her popularity in Bollywood music.

The famous songs from this movie include:

Hawa Mein Udata Jaye
Barsaat Mein Humse Mile Tum Sajan
Ab Mera Kaun Sahara
Bicchde Hue Pardesi
Chhod Gaye Baala
Jiya Beqarar hai
Mujse Kisse She Pyaar Ho Gaaya
Mera Aankhon Mein Bas Gayaa

I give this movie a 4 Star rating (only because there were unjustified long sequences in the my opinion of may beg to differ) and the music 5 Stars.

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