Saturday, 31 May 2008


I was going to put Mr G’s pork roast on the web yesterday but unfortunately, Mr G had carved up the meat before I had time to take a picture. The next time we have a roast, I’ll put the recipe up.

I have just finished watering my house plants today and I have to admit sometimes my plants do frustrate me that I have to spend time on its maintenance. However, when I see how beautiful they look, it is worth the effort. I have to say that I have gone a bit overboard with my house plants. I don’t have as many as I used to (mind you I still have quite a few) as at one stage, I had 300 plants indoor… I am not kidding.

Actually, plants are easy to take care if you buy the right types. Once your confidence levels have increased, you can always try growing more exotic plants. The only problem with having houseplants is when you go away – you need someone to come and water the plants if you are away for prolonged periods of time. However you can leave your plants unattended for up to two weeks if you use these methods:
· by using water retention crystals in your soil;
· using self watering pots;
· sitting your plants on a plate full of pebbles and filling up the plate with water. You should do this for ferns regardless as it creates humidity which is essential for healthy ferns;
· Getting a used soft drink bottle, cut out its base, attach a spike to the mouth of the bottle (you can get this from Bunnings) and spike this into your pot plant. Fill up the bottle from the cut out bottom. This will slowly release water into your soil; or
· Find a good mate who will water your plants for you!

In coming blogs, I’ll write about plants that are easy to grow that you can use to spice up your home. In the meantime, these are some of my plants that I have in my home.


Jun :) said...

hi VG...tq for dropped by at mine..a nice house u have there...wif a lot of fresh oxygen..heheh..a good cook too eh? come to take some...hehehhe

Ummi said...

Hai VG, nice house with green plants..shud take a deep breath..hehe...also nice recipes here..

my little family said...

hi there..
like your nice....bila nk balik M'sia? :-)