Wednesday, 28 May 2008


What I did yesterday and today was watch ‘The Thorn Birds’ miniseries DVD (adapted from Colleen McCullough’s book of the same title) with my eldest daughter. I had forgotten how good the miniseries is, for I first watched it when it was released on TV3 in Malaysia in 1983. Richard Chamberlain and Bryan Brown are sooo cute in the show (although they are looking quite over the hill now). And the best thing of all, all the juicy bits are intact! There is no censorship. Both mother and daughter balled their eyes out.

Anyway the DVD went for 8 hours but it was worth it. However, I do have one complaint. Initially I was upset with the American accent as it did not seem right that an aussie book and an aussie backdrop had American actors playing the lead roles. When I first watched the show in Malaysia, I did not know any better. But watching it the second time, I felt ripped off. But I soon got over it. So, if you are interested in watching the show again, you can buy the DVD from Dick Smith’s for AUD$19.95 (I bought it last Sunday).

I am now on the quest to find another of Colleen’s stories that has been made into a movie – Tim - which I believe stars Mel Gibson in the title role. Wish me luck in my endeavour!


Shafidah Shamen said...

vin, im just wondering, are working for msian gov in canberra?

VG said...

No Shafidah...I am an Aussie now, working for the Aust Federal Government. Write to me then kita boleh sembang lebih. Kalau di blog,satu dunia boleh tahu,kan? E-mail saya ialah Hear from you soon.