Sunday, 12 October 2008


Today is Mr G's birthday and looking at these cakes, anyone would think that he has just turned 5! Actually, the request was from the kids and since it is kids that enjoy birthdays more (who wants to be reminded that they are getting old), I made these fairy cakes to commensurate Mr G’s birthday and to appease the munchkins (sorry....I have been copping an ear bashing of 'The Wizard of Oz' this past few days....the joys of school holidays!) .

So here you go Mr G, happy birthday and many happy returns of the day.

This is one of the easiest cupcake recipes I have made and it turns out perfect every time. Make sure that the butter is softened and eggs are at room temperature (in other words, remove from fridge an hour or so before making the cupcakes). All you do is put it into a large mixing bowl and beat until combined. I used a Kenwood mixer and it took all of 30 secs for the batter to be ready. Here is the recipe.

Ingredients – makes 24 cupcakes

225 g margarine or butter (I used butter) – softened not melted
225 g caster sugar
4 eggs – I used xl (800 g) eggs
225 g self raising flour – sifted


Preheat oven to 180°C. Line bun tray or medium muffin pan with cupcake paper cases.

Put all ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat with electric beaters until combined. Evenly spoon the mixture into the paper cases and make for 15 to 20 mins.

Note: I turned my fan forced oven down to 170°C, turned the tray around on the 8 minute mark and the cupcakes were ready on the 15 minute mark.


175 g butter – softened
350 g icing sugar
Decorations – optional


Beat the butter until fluffy. Sift in the icing sugar and beat together until smooth and creamy. Decorate as desired.

Note: I used only 325 g sugar and added 4 tsp hot water (from the tap) as I like my icing to be ‘softer’. I then added some colouring to the icing and used some mixed cachous (cake decoration balls) to decorate (some of) the cupcakes.


Tastes of Home said...

hi VG! these look sooooo pretty! such a great idea to have birthday cup cakes :) my bday is coming up soon and surprisingly unlike most adults, I LOVE bdays !! LOL

VG said...

Hi ToH

Thanks you for your nice comments. Still a novice when it comes to icing but I think I am perfecting the art, he! he!

I love the pressie bits when it comes to birthdays, only get a bit depressed when I see the number of candles on the cake :(

So you are having a birthday soon? Well happy birthday! let me know when it is, I'll send you an e-card, okay. My e-mail address is on my blog.

Thanks for dropping by.

ICook4Fun said...

Hi VG, hope Mr G like the cupcakes you bake for him. They look so pretty! Like you I like the present part but not the amount of candles on the cake that is why I always put one on it :)

SweetBites said...

hi VG, wish Mr G a very happy birthday fr me & may he has lots more of birthdays to celebrate. good idea to make cupcakes to celebrate birthdays as cuppies r all the rage now. a very easy bake cupcakes but nevertheless cute & yummy.

don't worry bout the candle part, i'm with u there. anyway, we r as young as how we feel & keep this a secret, i feel 25, how about u?

VG said...

Allo Gert and thanks for your comment....Mr G (and the kids) did appreciate the was so hard to try to make them without him looking! I had to get the kids to take him on a loooong walk.

He also liked the fact that we could not put his full age in candles on the cupcakes! He!he!

VG said...

Hi Zarina....Mr G says thank you so much for your well wishes.

I think I have cupcake fever at the moment. I can't seem to get enough of them (yummy and they look so cute) and it helps that the kids love them too.

I am totally with you sister...I feel 25 too; except when I have had a hard day and my bones creak when I get out of bed the next day :-(

Anonymous said...

Hi VG,

Love the cupcakes, have heard about them before. Having a birthday in Feb, hope to hear from you.


VG said...

Hi Lois

Thanks for dropping by. When is your birthday in Feb? I'll make you some cupcakes if you like, only if you promise to come over! ;)

FYI, The youngest of the Gs has his birthday on the 9th of February.


Hi VG since you have this recipe in grams, I wont go wrong with this one I guess? But the eggs should weight in total 800gms with our without shells? Thanks much.

Usha said...

The cakes look very pretty and cute...I like the song Kora kagaz tha too from Aradhana :-)

VG said...


800g is the weight of 12 eggs ie carton weight (eggs are sold by carton weight in Oz). Any largish eggs would suffice, as oppose to 'kampung eggs' which are very small. Hope this helps.

VG said...

Thanks Usha....and they are so easy to make too which is a bonus.

Yes I love the 'Kora Kagaz' song. I think all the songs in Aradhana are good. It is such a lovely sad!


Eggs are sold in carton weight in Oz ... hahaha .. never knew that ..ok thanks. Will try it someday.

VG said...

Yes, eggs are sold by carton weight...therefore there is consistency in egg weight...quite an unusual concept, I know.

Let me know how you go making it...I hope it comes out okay.