Monday, 9 February 2009


A classic afternoon tea snack that is so easy to make from scratch and is even easier and quicker using store bought pastry.

You can practically use whatever jams you like, however, strawberry and raspberry jam seems to be the norm. My kids like eating this filled with Nutella™ (hazelnut chocolate spread) and also, you can drizzle this on top of the cream horns to give it a nice effect. Here’s the recipe.


Sheets of puff pastry or flaky pastry (I used store bought puff pastry)
1 egg white – beaten
Butter – for greasing
4 tbsp strawberry or raspberry jams
125 ml whipped cream (see my glossary post on CREAM)
Icing sugar – for dusting
Strawberries or raspberries for decoration - optional
Cream horn moulds


Cut pastry into 2.5 cm wide strips. Brush lightly with egg white. Lightly grease cream horn moulds if using normal moulds. There is no need to grease the moulds if you are using non stick moulds.

With the damp side of the pastry facing the mould, turn strips around the greased mould, starting from the pointy tip of the mould. Make sure that the strips overlap when you twist this around to the top. Gently squeeze the tip of the pastry to seal in the bottom – You don’t want jam to run out of the bottom when you fill it.

Brush the outside now with egg white and place on a greased baking tray.

Bake in a preheated 220°C oven for 8 to 10 mins. Allow to cool on racks.

Place 1 tsp jam inside the cream horn and fill with the beaten cream. Dust with icing sugar and top with strawberries or raspberries if desired.

NB: I’d recommend you have at least one dozen of cream horn moulds on hand. It will make your preparation and cooking time so much quicker. In addition, try to buy the non stick moulds. It is really hard and slippery to wind the pastry around a greased mould (it was bad enough using the non stick variety!).


Dora said...

Would love to try some. :)

The moulds look so interesting.

AnuSriram said...

Thats easy and nice.. Makes me drool.. Can u pass some?

ummi said...

Morning Vin, what a nice and simple snacks...Love to try but don't have that kind of moulds, where to find it..? In fact, never see this one..hehe

SriLekha said...

that looks so good! love it!


Dear VG, Im glad to be back blog-hopping! Happy belated birthday to your prince. And how are you? Your leg ok? Glad to see more recipes from you from now onwards. Have a nice day.

Cas said...

this was so delicious

VG said...

Hi Dora. Yes, very interesting mould - just like a cone but made out of metal.

Hi Anu - Yes it is very easy to make. Pass you some? No prob.

Kak Ummi - if you want the mould let me know...I can post you some. It is very light and should not cost much to post to Malaysia. Write to my e-mail address if you are interested, okay? It is

Thanks SriLekha.

Hi Jo....thanks, it is good to be back and my son says thank you for the birthday wishes. You have a good one too. I'll come over to your blog soon to see what you have been up to....'key poh' lah, LOL!

Thanks Cas. Glad you liked them. Let me know when you want to eat them again and I'll make them.

Quinn said...

Hi, I'm in Australia but I can't seem to find the moulds anywhere. Any idea how much they cost and where to get them in Adelaide? Thanks!

VG said...

Hi Quinn

I got my non stick moulds from an Italian deli quite a few years ago but I have seen the ordinary ones, made by the same company in shops specialising in kitchen utensils. I have not seen them in "House" but I have seen them in a shop called "My Habitat" that is based in Canberra and Hobart, retailing for around $7 to $8 for 6 moulds.

The moulds are made by D.Line (Donaldson Enterprise Aust Pty Ltd). Sorry, this was the only information on the packaging.

If you get stuck, let me know. I am heading into the city this weekend and could get some for you if you like. Postage should not be more than $5.

Quinn said...

I'll try finding again before I trouble you. I heard they have it at 'my general traders'. Thanks for offering!

VG said...

No worries Quinn. Good luck finding it.

Charming said...

I MUST try this recipe. Thanks for sharing VG. They look fantastic, love to taste one. Now, I need to look for the moulds.

VG said...

Thanks Charming. I'm sure you should be able to find them in Sydney. If not let me know....happy to post you some. Note my responses to Quinn above.

Quinn said...

Found the moulds, bought it and used it already! I've linked you too!

VG said...

Excellent Quinn....and thank you.