Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I first came across this method of cooking fried eggs when the Makcik (Auntie in English…..in Malaysia, we have the tendency to call anyone that is much older than us as Auntie or Uncle as a sign of respect….it’s like calling someone Mr or Mrs but without the formality……so we tend to have lots of ‘relatives’ who actually are not even related to us!!!) at my school canteen (when I was studying at the Sultan Abdul Hamid College in Alor Star, Malaysia) used to sell this. Coupled with her fish curry…..it was to die for. Such a simple dish but oh so nice. Don’t take my word for it…..have a go!

NB: The use of a wok or a small ‘kadai’ (Indian wok) is essential to cook this as the egg needs to be immersed in lots of oil. If you use a frying pan, choose the smallest size possible and you will need plenty of oil.


½ to 1 tsp of Caramel or Sweet soy sauce per egg
½ to 1 cup veg oil


Heat the oil in a wok/kadai until very hot. Carefully crack the egg into the oil, making sure you that do not break the yolk in the process.

Drizzle a tsp of the Caramel or Sweet soy sauce over the egg. Using a slotted egg slide, carefully flick the hot oil over the top of the egg. Turn the fire down to medium heat at this stage. DO NOT at any stage, turn/flip the egg over.

If you like your yolk runny, lift when all the translucent egg white has turned true white (if it is translucent, the whites are not yet cooked) but the yolk is still wobbly in the middle. If you like your yolk well cooked, keep on ‘bathing’ the egg with the oil until the yolk has hardened.

Lift and drain on paper towels and serve as desired. Goes well with baked beans, fish curries or fried rice such as my FRIED RICE WITH THREE SOY SAUCES.

NB: Do not throw out the left over oil in the wok. You can keep it to fry more eggs or for use in other cooking. I normally use it to stir fry my vegies.


Anonymous said...

What an unusual way to fry eggs. You learn something new everyday....


VG said...

Try it Grace...it is really yummy as the flavours of the sweet soy sauce permeates through the egg. I love it with baked beans too.