Tuesday, 24 February 2009


A milky variation to the ROSE SYRUP DRINK where fresh milk or condensed milk and in some instances, soda water is added. You will need to make the ROSE SYRUP in advance (see the recipe HERE) and then assemble the drink. Here’s what you'll need to make this drink.


ROSE SYRUP – see recipe HERE
Warm boiled water
Sweetened condensed milk
or fresh cold milk
A minute pinch of salt - optional
Soda water - optional

Method – to make a glass

Version 1

In a glass, dilute 2 to 3 tsps of condensed milk in ¼ glass of warm water. Add about a tbsp (or to taste) of the rose syrup, plenty of ice and top with water or a combination of water and soda water. If adding soda water, add a few grains of salt to the drink. Stir and serve.

Version 2

Add 1 tbsp of the rose syrup into a glass. Top with fresh milk, stir, add in ice cubes and serve.



Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow awesome color. Cool and refreshing. Perfect for what the season calls for...

HomeKreation said...

Hi Vin. Returning your visit. Nice blog you have here. Oh yes, Ais Bandung is all the time favourite...Roz

Jan said...

Vin that looks yummy!

VG said...

Thanks Lubna. A thirst quencher and a great sugar fix too!!!

Thanks for visiting Roz...hope you come back soon.

Hi Jan! How are you? Great to see you back here. Yes Jan...very yummy and sweet! Feeds my condensed milk addiction :P

mali95 said...

YEAH,bandung is my All-Time Fav!!!
I'm gonna 1 day make the perfect bandung.Thx,VYE!!