Monday, 27 April 2009


My favourite snack and great for entrées for dinner party, as an appetiser and for cocktail parties. I also make this for my work lunches - very healthy and nutritious.

Measurements are approximates only – it basically depends on how much of the noodles, herbs or salad you would like to use. You may also use normal (rice) vermicelli instead of the mung bean variety.


60g dried mung bean/glass or rice vermicelli
Dried rice paper wrappers (22cm diameter)
300g cooked prawns
6 to 8 stalks Vietnamese mint – remove stalks and chop the leaves finely
3 sprigs common mint – remove the stalks and chop the leaves finely
6 lettuce leaves – chop fine

Place the vermicelli in a bowl and pour boiling water over the vermicelli. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes till soft, then drain.

Fill a large bowl with hot (not boiling) water. Dip one rice paper into the hot water for few seconds to soften. Lay wrapper flat.

About 3 cm away from the bottom (the end closest to you), place a row of 3 to 4 prawns, a handful of vermicelli, both mints and lettuce, leaving about a gap of 3 cm from the ends uncovered at each side.

Fold the sides first inward, then followed by the bottom closest to you. Roll tightly away from you until the end. Place on a plate and repeat. Serve with RICE PAPER ROLL DIPPING SAUCE.


ICook4Fun said...

Your great looking summer rolls will be good for our hot and steamy weather here. Wish I can have some now. Is so warm here, temperature from winter to summer.

hazila said...

Hi Vin,
Really jealous at your Vietnamese mint. Mine, still struggle to grow.

Michelle Burgess said...

Sometimes, rather than making the rolls,I just mix all the ingredients together(with the exception of the rice paper rolls) to make a salad with the prawns, and add some sliced carrot and cucumber. (Using an Asian grater) Then I poor the dipping sauce over the top - delicious, cheap, healthy and VERY easy to make.

VG said...

Hi Gert, indeed it would be great for summer. Weather wise it is the reverse here. We are having blizzards in the high country and it is only mid autumn! It has been so cold in Canberra too.

Hi Hazila...touch wood! I am sure your mint would flourish soon. It does take some time to establish.

Hi Michelle, thanks for visiting and what a healthy and novel idea.