Thursday, 27 November 2008


One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating ~ Luciano Pavarotti

Chiangmai Thai Restaurant
2779 Gold Coast Highway
Broadbeach (GC) QLD 4218

This is one of my favourite restaurants on the Gold Coast. Once you try their food, you can see why it's won a whole heap of awards. The food is truly authentic and the waitresses are dressed in traditional Thai costumes. Also, there are plenty of Thai artefacts. I loved the wooden carved picture on their wall. I’d like to know how they got it there!

You can’t miss the place – it’s always brightly lit in purple lighting. Come early for dinner as there are limited parking spaces. Best to book on weekends.

Top One Chinese Restaurant
Australia Fair Shopping Centre
42 Marine Parade
Southport (GC) QLD 4215

The restaurant serves yum cha for lunch everyday. I wouldn’t say it’s the best yum cha I have tasted, but it was passable. You must get there around 11 am to get the best food and to beat the crowds. My favourite were the prawn dumplings, prawn spring rolls and the BBQ pork. Sorry, but I passed on the chicken feet....but I did see some of the patrons digging into it with some gusto!!!


PureGlutton said...

What?? You went all the way to Gold Coast to eat ASIAN food...LOL! Don't have nice Aussie food there ahh?? Can't blame u - all those food sure looked yummy!

VG said...

Ya...funny isn't it? No, we had western (Italian) and Indian food too but I was too shy to take pics of the food. People looking lah! I curi2 took pics in the other restaurant. I should have taken pics outside the restaurant instead, duh!

Anyway, we actually prefer Asian food than Western food. Even my Mat Saleh husband! He made me make prawn sambal and petai at the apartment (imagine what the neighbours might have been thingking) and the first thing he wanted when we got home was chicken curry! Go figure.

ICook4Fun said...

VG, just like you I very malu to take pix in restaurant. People will give me one kind of look :) I wish Carlos is more like your hubby. Then hari hari I can cook sambal belachan :)

VG said...

Precisely Gert. I am intrigued how some people can take pics of restaurant food.and put them on their web. When i took those few pics of the food at the Thai restaurant, the waiteress asked if there was anything wrong with the food!!! Blush, blush.

Gert, sometimes I think Mr G is a freak! He craves asian food worse than me. How many orang putih you know that get excited when they see durian in the shops????