Friday, 6 March 2009


Ovalett (or Ovalette) is a cake stabiliser/emulsifier used predominantly in the baking of sponge cakes or steam cakes. It gives the cakes a super fine texture. It is used to aid the beating process of egg yolks or egg whites to ensure its stiffness holds. It helps the eggs to rise rapidly and stiffly and also to remain stable therefore ensuring that eggs do not lose their voluminous texture. Ovalett ensures quick whipping properties and provides a remarkably stable batter that may be left unbaked for some hours. Ovalett produces a perfect sponge that is not too fragile, while providing excellent flavour and fresh keeping qualities.

In Australia, you can buy ovalett from Asian grocers, mainly those that sell Malaysian, Indonesian or Filipino groceries. You can’t find it at the normal supermarkets however it is sold in bulk by wholesalers, but only to bakeries and restaurants. I am yet to see this product in Canberra but I know you can acquire it from Sydney or Melbourne. The brand above is the only one I have seen. It is made in Indonesia.

PS: Hope this answers your questions Grace.


Anonymous said...

Thanks VG. This is very informative...and I appreciate the effort.


VG said...

You are welcome, my dear.

Claudia said...

Hello VG,
I read about "ovalett" from your post. I live in Sydney and frantically searched for it in Asian stores in Sydney. I searched in Thai stores, than Malaysian/Indonesian stores. None of them have it.

Does your friend still remember which particular store he/she got the ovalett from? Is it from Chinatown area or out of Sydney CBD?

Much much appreciated.

PS: Love your bakings especially those sponge cakes that you made which look so perfect!