Thursday, 19 March 2009


Using the GOLDEN FRAGRANT CRABS recipe, I decided to serve the sauce with fried eggs. The results? Just as Yummo. It is a great alternative to chilli sauce, especially when used with fried rice.

Ingredients – I halved the measurements of my GOLDEN FRAGRANT CRABS.

* 100 gm shallots
* 1/2 large head of garlic
* 10 Serrano chillies - depending on how hot you want your dish
* Small handful dried shrimps - soaked in warm water to soften then drained
* Small handful dried red chillies – de-seeded and soaked in boiling water to soften. Drain before using
1 stalk lemongrass - thinly sliced
1 tbsp of fish curry powder (I used Baba Brand)
1 tbsp oyster sauce (see my GLOSSARY post on OYSTER SAUCE)
1 stalk curry leaves
Salt and sugar to taste
50 ml water


Blend all the * ingredients in a blender with minimal water.

Heat oil in a large wok and add the curry leaves. Fry for 10 secs and add the blended ingredients. Fry till fragrant and until the paste has slightly thickened.

Add in the curry powder and oyster sauce. Fry till the oils seeps through the paste.

Add in the water and lemon grass . Gently simmer for 2 to 3 mins. Next add in salt and sugar to taste. Turn off the heat.

Now, prepare the eggs. You may either serve the eggs hard boiled (see my tip on HOW TO COOK PERFECT HARD BOILED EGGS) or deep fried.

To deep fry the eggs, heat about 1 cup of oil in a wok until very hot.

Carefully crack the egg into the oil, making sure you that do not break the yolk in the process. Season with a few shakes of salt and using a slotted egg slide, carefully flick the hot oil over the top of the egg. Turn the fire down to medium heat at this stage. DO NOT at any stage, turn/flip the egg over.

If you like your yolk runny, lift when all the translucent egg white has turned true white (if it is translucent, the whites are not yet cooked) but the yolk is still wobbly in the middle. If you like your yolk well cooked, keep on ‘bathing’ the egg with the oil until the yolk has hardened.

Lift, drain on paper towels and place on a plate. Spoon the GOLDEN FRAGRANT sauce over the eggs and serve as desired.

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