Thursday, 19 March 2009


This gadget for scraping coconut flesh from its kernel is usually found in most South and South-East Asian traditional kitchens. The ones that my grandmother and mum had were similar but it had a seat with it. However, in the advent of the tinned coconut milk and the availability of frozen grated coconut flesh, its usage is somewhat obsolete. I however prefer to use freshly grated coconut to make my chutneys or Asian desserts such as Kuih Ketayap or to have with my STRING HOPPERS. I find this gadget indispensable and it produces finely grated coconut every time.

To obtain this product in Canberra, you can place an order with:

Spice World
28 Colbee Court
Phillip 2606 ACT
Tel: 02 6281 6995

The owner will obtain one for you. I believe my scraper cost me around AUD$15.00.

Another way to obtain grated coconut is to use a conventional grater. You however have to remove the flesh from the kernel (using a butter knife to prise the flesh off) and using a sharp knife, scrape the brown covering in order to obtain white coconut flesh. Grate as you would a carrot…..while watching out for your knuckles. I can’t remember how many times I have grated my knuckles because of this :(


Anonymous said...

What a nifty gadget. Ya, I tend to scrape my knuckles too when grating carrots, especially towards the end bits!


VG said...

I so know the feeling Grace...ouch!