Friday, 13 March 2009


I was over at my local Asian grocer when I saw some ready made green pea flour jelly or CENDOL (see also my GLOSSARY post on CENDOL). Not that it is hard to make this jelly; it is more to do with finding the time to do it. As it was, I still had to make the GULA MELAKA syrup but at least I saved on one step.

I have included the full recipe to make this delicious dessert. As you can see, it is very easy to make and so refreshing and delicious. Have you tried this dish with fresh milk instead of coconut milk? Trust me, it's just as nice. When I was at university in Penang, my girlfriend Lina Tan and I used to, without fail, have CENDOL every Saturday afternoon at this stall on Penang Road…..wonder if it is still there???


225g packet of mung bean flour (hon kwe flour) - see note below
Pandan paste (or use a combination of Pandan essence and green food colouring) - a few drops (see my GLOSSARY post on PANDAN LEAF)
Dark palm sugar (or Gula Melaka) - finely shaved and added to a small amount of hot water to make a thick pourable syrup (see my GLOSSARY post on PALM SUGAR and GULA MELAKA)
1 can coconut milk (see my note below)
Ice cubes - for cold ‘bath’ and to make shaved ice or to serve
Ice shaving machine - optional (see my post on ICE SHAVERS)


Place some cold water in a large bowl and add plenty of ice to make a cooling bath.

Place a saucepan over low heat with about 100ml of hot water and slowly add the mung bean flour, stirring constantly.

Once the mixture is thick and paste-like in consistency, add a few drops of the pandan paste and remove from heat.

Put the paste in a wide colander or a large holed slotted spoon and push the paste through the colander/spoon directly into the ice bath. The green flour mixture will slip through the colander/spoon and harden when it drops into the cooling bath. These “green worms” or CENDOL are the key to making this dessert.


To serve the CENDOL, layer the ingredients in a bowl or glass, starting with the CENDOL, then the shaved ice, drizzle with the palm sugar and top with 2 to 4 tbsp coconut milk.

Alternatively, if you don’t have an ice shaver, place ½ an inch of the palm sugar in a tall glass, top with 1 to 1 ½ inches of coconut milk, add 1 to 2 tbsp of the cendol, place plenty of ice in the glass and top the glass with cold water. Serve immedietly with a straw and a long spoon.


* If you cannot find mung bean flour then use rice flour.

* The ‘green worms’ can be kept in the fridge, in a sealed container of cold water, for up to 3 days.

* You can also use crushed ice for this dessert. You can make crushed ice by using a blender.

* For a healthier version, subsitute the coconut milk with fresh milk - equally delicious and refreshing.


hazila said...

Hi Vin, the ice cendol looks so refreshing. I would like to have the ice shaver too.

Salt N Turmeric said...

I need to get myself those ice shaver! lol.

VG said...

Thank you Hazila. I memang peminat cendol (and ais kacang, tapi tanpa kacang...yah, I ni pelik sedikit, LOL!!!)

FYI the ice shaver is quite cheap, handy to have and so easy to use especially the new version which takes ice cubes and shaves them. Version yang previous you have to make ice in specific size...leceh cos they only give you two moulds with the ice maker. If can, try to find the 'ice cube' ice shaver. Nanti I put a post up on it.

Hi Farina...a good investment in my opinion. See my comment to Hazila above. I bought my ice cube version 2 summers ago for AUD$40.

charming said...

Love, love cendol.... might try the recipe. I have an ice shaver which a girlfriend gave to me. Have you tried ice kacang?

VG said...

Hi Charming

Thanks for stopping by and let me know how you go making it.

Yes I have made ais kacang too. I make mine using Gula Melaka syrup, Rose Syrup, Evaporated Milk, Grass Jelly, Sweet Corn and Red Beans (tinned), topped with some crushed peanuts. I'll put up my recipe soon.

SriLekha said...

wow! that looking very nice n delicious!

VG said...

Thank you Srilekha. This is a popular dessert in is delicious!

AnuSriram said...

Wow... looks awesome! Nice and delicious recipe..

VG said...

Thank you Anu.

Shafidah Shamen said...

Vin, i came by to get my awards. Sorry for holdong sooo long. Thanks ya! BTW..your cendol look yummmmmm!! how's the weather there? Sydney at this moment 27..not so bad.. :D

VG said...

Hi Fidah - you are welcome thank you for the comments. It is currently 25 degrees here, humid and raining. A really good time to sleep actually...wish I could do that but I have to start preparing dinner soon :(

How are you feeling BTW?

Anonymous said...

Hi VG,
Whts the brand of "ice cube" ice shaver u bought? ur ice shavings in the cendol pic looks very fine.

Susanna, Perth

VG said...

Hi Susanna,

In this recipe, I used a Black Decker ice shaver which makes really fine shaved ice but it is a bit of a nuisance as you have to make the ice in advance, in the specially provided moulds. The Sunbeam ice shaver makes a slightly coarser shaving but you can use any shaped ice. See my post on ICE SHAVERS which provides more info on the machines and where to buy them. Hope this answers your query.

Regards, VG

Hong said...

The famous stall in Penang Rd is still there. There is a branch at Giant Hypermarket Subang Jaya that I go to whenever I crave for it. Take care and love

VG said...

Really Hong? That's amazing. The last time I had some was 18 or 19 years ago! You guys are so lucky...every thing at your finger tips. Love ya too...Vin

Quinn said...

Why have I not bump into your blog earlier? I totally adore your posts! I've made the butter chicken twice and receive nothing but praises. Leftover gravy taste better with meat added and simmered again the following day!

I am so going to make this chendol, everything from scratch! I'm also originally Malaysian staying in Adelaide now. We're so close!

VG said...

Thank you made my day! And so true...left over gravy rocks...

Do drop by again.