Sunday, 17 August 2008


Thank you Jun, from YUMMYLICIOUS for my big bear hug. My HUGS to you too. The bear will definitely keep me warm in this cold Canberra weather. Thank you again.

I would also like to pass on my very bearish hug to:
Gert of My Kitchen Snippets
Bhawana of Tastes of India
Suhana of Suhana Sweet Savoury
Tina of Mommy’s Kitchen
Shafidah of Someone is Watching

Thank you for being my friends!


MamaFaMi said...

Thank you so much VG for always including me in your list. I appreciate it very much ya... big hug!

Mommy's Kitchen said...

Awee that was so nice VG. Thank you for thinking of me. Picking up. Ü


ummi said...

VG, Your steamed haw flake cake looks so nice n moist! The layer is perfect enuf...Btw, thank you so much for listing me and you're much appreciated! Big hug to you and I really love it! Cute bear...hehe..I'll pick up later k. Muaaahhh!!

* pssstt..Never had one during my childhood..huhuuu...Now I got from you and many of bloggers here, fortunate I am.. :D

VG said...

Hi Mamafami
You are welcome. I don't have any sisters so I think of you, Gert and Ummi as my kakaks. So thank you!

You are welcome too, MATE!
BTW, kakaks mean sisters.

Thank you for your comment on my cake. I am very happy that it turned out okay.

Glad that you love your you can't complain about your deprived have plenty now in adulthood! Enjoy the cuddles.

Bhawana said...

Thanks VG di for thinking about me. and CONGRATES for you on all ur awards.

VG said...

Hi Bhawana

Thank you for your well wishes and your are welcome.

Hope you are keeping good.