Tuesday, 26 August 2008


For a change, I made some STRING HOPPERS (aka PUTTU MAYUM in Malaysia and Singapore) to go with my SAMBAR (see previous post). It may look complicated but it is actually very easy to make; more so if you get the premixed string hopper flour.

FYI: The string hopper, is made from rice flour. It is traditionally served for breakfast in Sri Lanka with a thin fish or chicken curry, containing only one or two pieces of meat, a dhal (lentil) dish, and a spicy sambal or fresh chutney. String hoppers are made from steamed rice flour made into a dough with water and a little salt, and forced through a mould similar to those used for pasta to make fine vermicelli like strings. They are cooked by steaming. (Source: WIKIPEDIA)

In Malaysia and Singapore, these hoppers are sold very cheaply in coffee shops or road side stalls. It is however served with grated fresh coconut and palm sugar as a breakfast food or snack.

This is how I make my STRING HOPPERS.

2 1/2 cups rice flour
1/2 cup bread flour
OR use 3 cups premixed String Hopper flour
1 teaspoons salt
Scant cup of luke warm water (approximate only)

If using your own flours, warm the flours in a cool oven or in a sauce pan on low heat. Add salt.

If using premixed flour, skip this stage. Just add salt to the premixed flour. For both flour versions, slowly add water to the flour and work into a soft dough. The mixture must not be gooey.

Place the dough into a string hopper press and squeeze onto hopper mats (available at Indian grocers – In Canberra, go to SPICE WORLD which is located at 28 Colbee Court, Phillip).

Place the mats into a steamer and steam until strings are fully cooked and springy, about 7 to10 minutes.

Serve hot with curries or dhal dishes such as SAMBAR. Alternatively, serve with freshly grated coconut (mix with some salt – go easy here) and sugar (such as jaggery, palm sugar or ordinary white sugar).

FYI: You can use fresh banana leaves in place of the hoppers mat. Cut banana leaves into 8 cm squares and press you hoppers onto these. If you can’t find a hopper press, check your cookie/icing press gadget (if you have one). You may find a vermicelli mould in it which you could use to make the hoppers. My Avanti Cookie Press and Icing Set has this.


ICook4Fun said...

VG, you even make your own putu mayam!! You are so teror lah :) It has been a while since I had putu mayam with brown sugar :)

Usha said...

Looks yummy:)

we make something similar with rice called sevai which is a favorite but very time consuming so it does not get made all that very often :)

ummi said...

Ooh..Vin, looking at your putu mayam reminds me to my childhood and my mom's recipe! She just add boiled water in rice flour and quickly stir it until the soft dough is performed and put in the wood mould before pressing onto pandan leaf. It smells very nice while steaming.. :) Normally, we eat with grated coconut n white sugar.

Jun said...

Vin..just had this last few days...now here got 2 colors..white n green wif a lil pandan aroma..just eat with grated white coconut n brown sugar...yummy! i ate 4...hahahha ( after my lunch, heeee)

VG said...

Hi Gert

Tak terror lah Gert...Simple aje nak buat.. but you have to get the consistency for the dough right. I like to eat it with fresh coconut too but there weren't any coconuts around and because I had the cravings that bad, I had it with sambar....with Chicken Curry (must be runny)also nice!

Hi Usha

Sevai? Don't think I have heard of it. The next time you make it, you have to put it on your blog. Looking forward to seeing it.

Hi Ummi

I have seen the recipe with hot water too. I must try that version one day. As a kid, when I used to visit my grandparents in Alor Star, we always used to buy puttu mayum and puttu from this Indian that had a warung in front of the bus station in Jalan Langgar. One of the best puttu mayums I have eaten. Bila Vin pergi cari kat grocer, tak ada kelapa, so Vin bantai dengan dhal aje.

Hi Jun

Pandan puttu mayum? Wow. Ini I kena try. Next time I see fresh coconuts around, I will make pandan puttu mayum. Do you think I could use the indonesian pandan pasta or should I make my own pandan extract with the leaves?

You ate 4? I think I telan half a dozen the other day, he! he!