Monday, 25 August 2008


I used to make this from scratch years ago when premade roti canai were not available. Now, they are easily accessible all over Australia from any Chinese or Indian grocery shops in the freezer section. This is a popular 'anytime' meal for Malaysians and Singaporeans. Just for reference, here are some pictures of the premade rotis cooking process. As you can see, Mr G (the designated ‘roti man’) makes it on the hot plate on our barbie. Just follow the directions on the packet. It’s pretty self explanatory. I served mine with an EASY SAMBAR. Recipe of the SAMBAR and STRING HOPPERS (another Malaysian/Sri Lankan favourite) to follow tomorrow.

FYI: Roti canai (pronounced "chanai," not "kanai") is a type of flatbread found in Malaysia. It is identical to the Singaporean roti prata.

The dish is composed of dough containing copious amounts of fat, egg, flour and water. The form of fat used is usually ghee (clarified butter). The entire mixture is kneaded thoroughly, flattened, oiled and folded repeatedly. It is then allowed to proof and rise, and the process is repeated. The final round of preparation consists of flattening the dough ball, coating it with oil, tossing it and then cooking on a flat iron skillet with a lot of oil. The ideal roti is flat, fluffy on the inside but crispy and flaky on the outside.

Traditionally, it is served with dhal (lentil curry) but nowadays, it is served with any types of curries, such as chicken, beef or lamb. (Source: WIKIPEDIA)

Check out this video I found on YouTube (source HERE). It shows the roti making process. If you want to try to make this at home, there are some pretty good recipes you can find doing a Google search on this topic. Good luck!


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