Friday, 25 July 2008


Mr G makes great sausage rolls and I always get asked at work to bring some in whenever we have a do or it is my turn to bring in morning tea. His secret is in the sausage mix – he puts in grated granny smith apples, just like his mother used to do. This is how he makes his sausage rolls.

1 kg sausage mince
2 onions – finely chopped
1 egg – lightly beaten
3 cloves garlic – minced
½ tsp mixed herbs
1 tbsp tomato sauce
¼ cup sweet chilli sauce
3 tsp Worcestershire sauce
½ cup bread crumbs
2 granny smith apples (green apples) – grated
Salt and pepper to taste
Around 10 good quality premade puff pasty sheets (eg Borg’s or Pampas brand)

Preheat oven to 180°C. Line baking trays with baking paper.

In a large bowl, combine all ingredients (except pastry and milk) in a large bowl. Mix well.

Thaw out pastry sheet, cut sheet in half and using a tablespoon, spoon a portion of the mince mixture close to one side of the long edge, keeping about 2 cm from the edge. On the opposite long edge, brush with milk. Carefully roll the pastry to make a cylinder shape. Lightly press the milk edge to seal the roll.

With a sharp knife, cut each roll into four. Lightly pierce the top of the roll with the point of a sharp knife. Put the sausage roll on a tray, with the sealed edges facing down. Continue process until all mince has been used. Lightly brush the tops of the sausage roll with milk.

Increase oven heat to 250°C and bake the sausage roll for 25 to 30 mins or until golden brown. Serve with your favourite sauce.


Bhawana said...

Hi VG, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Good to be in touch with you, I will get to know malayasian recipes. Keep in touch. my gmail id is

ur blog is very good having many recipes dear. nice one. keep posted, I will check them frequently now. take Care

VG said...

Hi Bhawana. Good to hear from you. It would be good to swap recipes. I will write to you soon.

lemongrass said...

Hi VG,
if only my other half likes to cook half as much as yours, wouldn't it be great! Mr G can definitely cook a repertoir of dishes fr asian to western, you are so lucky! The sausage rolls look so yummy. I think i'll try putting apple next time I make them.

VG said...


Mr G says tks for your kind words and swears by the granny smith apples...I guarantee you it does make the sausage roll nice and moist. And he says don't forget the chilli sauce; it gives it omphs! LG, kalau rajin, write to me at my e-mail address.

Mommy's Kitchen said...

Hi VG those sausage rolls look devine. My grandmother uses apples in tuna salad and I also add some to our Cornbread Dressing at thanksgiving really anytime of the year when i make dressing. The apple is just the best part.

VG said...

Hi Tina

I couldn't agree more. I know some people put in grated potatoes in their sausage rolls but in my opinion it does not taste as nice. Happy to note that you are an apple lover:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vg,
Nice blog n thks for sharing all these wonderful recipes! I hope u dun mind me askin a silly question - where can i buy sausage mince? Do we buy fresh sausages from woolies/ coles n remove the skin? or buy from the Butcher?

Becky, Perth

VG said...

Hi Becky

Thanks for stopping by.

Not a silly question, so don't worry. Usually at the mince meat section of woolies or coles, you will see sausage mince. It is very2 fine meat and usually sold in 500g packs. Next time Mr G makes it, I'll take 'step by step' photos and of the ingredients. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Hi VG,

Thks for the info - i will definitely look out for the sausage mince when i go shopping next. Dunno y but i just dun recall seeing the sausage mince whenever i buy mince pork n mince beef!? Cant wait to try this recipe....


VG said...

No worries Bec. Good luck. Let me know how you go. I guarantee that after making this, you would not want to eat any commercially made sausage rolls again!