Monday, 22 September 2008


The Maid is a 2005 Singaporean horror film telling of a maid recently arriving from the Philippines. She has to acclimate herself to the customs of the Taoist Ghost Month, during which she struggles with supernatural forces. The maid is employed by a Teochew opera family, a family with many secrets, who give her a place to stay in their dilapidated shophouse. (Source: WIKIPEDIA)

Her employers, the middle age and gentle Mr and Mrs Teo care for her well and their mentally-handicapped son Ah Soon also takes to Rosa. However unbeknown to her, she had unwittingly broken many rules on the first few days of the Ghost/Seventh Month. That’s when things begin to happen. She sees horrific images and senses that another maid who lives across her home is constantly watching her and runs when Rosa tries to get close.

Rosa soon corners the girl and finds out that Rosa had a predecessor, Ester, who disappeared mysteriously one day. Now the story takes an interesting turn. To find out what happened to Ester and her connection with Rosa and the Teos, I urge you to watch ‘The Maid’.

The film broke the box office record in Singapore for the horror genre, making S$700,000 on its opening weekend.

It won the European Fantastic Film Festival Federation (EFFFF) Asian Film Award at the 10th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PiFan). The EFFFF Asian Film Award is a prize awarded to the best Asian film of the year by the federation, of which PiFan is a supporting member.

It stars Alessandra de Rossi, Hong Huifang, Benny Soh, Guan Zhenwei and Chen Shucheng, a veteran actor-compere. (Source: WIKIPEDIA)

FYI: The Maid is screening at 12.50 am 23 September 2008 on SBS.


Anonymous said...

I like horror movies. Pity I missed the screening. Where can I find it?

VG said...

Hi Anon.

I am assuming you are from Australia. I found my copy at Borders. Try there or JB HiFi. Also, you can borrow it online from Bigpond Internet DVD rentals.

If not, I believe Amazon sells it. You may have to do some research.

Salt N Turmeric said...

Iv always prefered asian ghost movies. I think our ghosts are somehow scarier! lol.

But I doubt i can find the movie here. sigh..

VG said...

Hi Farina

I agree with you...Asian horror is so much better. Maybe because we are a superstitious lot!