Tuesday, 24 June 2008


The portions are appropriates only. What you need to do is to ensure that the dough is not too soft that it sticks to your hands (if this happens, add more flour to your dough) or too hard that when you roll it the sides crack or you bread does not rise when you cook it on the griddle/frying pan. Add more water in this instance to make it more pliable.

4 cups Atta (Indian stone milled whole wheat) flour. If unavailable, use any whole wheat flour.
1/2 cup of Atta for rolling and dusting – place on counter where rolling the chapattis or on a large plate
Sufficient water to knead the flour
3 tbsp veg oil or ghee or butter
Tea towels x 2
Extra ghee or butter to brush cooked bread (don’t use oil here)

Put flour in a large deep bowl. Make a well and add in oil or ghee. Pouring in about ½ cup of water at a time, knead the flour into pliable dough.

When reaching the desired consistency, cover the dough with a dry tea towel and leave aside for 10 to 20 mins. Then knead the dough again, make into balls slightly larger than the size of a golf ball.

Heat pan/griddle on low heat.

Flatten the chapatti ball slightly in the loose flour, roll out with a rolling pin into the size of a bread plate and shake off excess flour.Place the bread on the pan and when the dough changes colour (around 15 to 20 secs), turn the bread over. After about 15 secs, using a clean tea towel, gently press the edges of the bread in circular motions. At this stage the opposite ends from where you are pressing should start to rise. Don’t press the bread at this stage in the middle. Turn over the bread (there should be brown cooked spots on the bread), press in the middle for 5 secs and repeat the previous process (pressing the sides only) until all edges have been pressed and the bread is cooked.

Put on a plate lined with another clean tea towel. Spread ½ tsp butter or ghee all over the bread, on one side only, taking special care to brush the outer edges. Cover with the tea towel to maintain warmness. Repeat process until dough is finished or desired amounts are achieved. Eat whilst still hot.

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